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Andreas Strauss

From the very first beginning it was the idea of the artist Andreas Strauss to create a network of these unusual accommodation options. The first dasparkhotel was built in Austria in 2005. In May 2022, »dasparkhotel_inside-outsite« was opened at Hof Emscher-Auen in Castrop-Rauxel as part of the artistic revision and expansion of the Emscherkunstweg. It is the second location of »dasparkhotel« on the Emscher. There has been a branch in Bottrop’s BernePark since 2010.

Schlafröhren als Übernachtungsmöglichkeit am Emscherkunstweg in Castrop-Rauxel


At the Emscher-Auen farm, three sleeping tubes made from industrially manufactured sewer tubes now offer the opportunity to spend the night. Andreas Strauss also developed the inside-outsite pavilion especially for the location, which invites you to observe nature and especially birds.
In order to be able to observe flora and fauna, Andreas Strauss designed the shelter, which, like the park hotel, consists of industrially prefabricated parts. In this case he used corrugated steel, which is commonly used in hydraulic engineering. Created in an artificial mound of earth, it invites visitors to the park, amateur and professional ornithologists as well as overnight guests in the sleeping tubes to linger. It represents a protective space against the weather, which is artistically integrated into the landscape and equally provides insight, perspective and outlook.
Der Pavillon inside-outsite wird in wenigen Jahren dicht bewachsen sein

With the overnight accommodations at Hof Emscher-Auen in Castrop-Rauxel and in the BernePark in Bottrop, the Emscherkunstweg can be experienced on its almost 100 kilometers of cycle paths in the form of a tour lasting several days. The concrete sleeping cabins can be opened and closed individually using an electronic code locking system. They offer space for one to two people and can be booked in the warm season between May and October via the website

Schlafröhren bieten Radfahrenden Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten

Converted concrete tubes for overnight stays with electronic access system, bedding and linen, wall painting

Schlafröhren als Übernachtungsmöglichkeit am Emscherkunstweg in Castrop-Rauxel
Rittershofer Straße 170
44577 Castrop-Rauxel
Public transport

It is possible to arrive by bike via the "Emscher-Weg".

From Castrop-Rauxel main station with bus 480 (direction Ickern Nord) to the Uferstrasse stop, then about 1.8 km on foot or bus 482 (direction DO-Mengede Bf S) to the Friedrichstrasse stop, then about 1.3 km kilometers on foot.

Please note that the farm is difficult to access by car and there is no parking available.


»The thought was how can I organize public, temporary, legal, anonymous hospitality.«

Andreas Strauss

Andreas Strauss

Andreas Strauss (*1968 in Wels, AT) works mostly in public space. His concepts intentionally create fluid boundaries between art and design, and defy pigeonholing into strict definitions. Instead, his artistic works are concerned with forms of social coexistence that call economic and cultural conventions into question and enable new possibilities to be explored.