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The future of the Emscher region is green and blue, and the Emschergenossenschaft will be supporting this development with a variety of projects that address issues related to nature and the environment, promoting an ecological improvement of our region. Not only will this make living by the Emscher increasingly more attractive but the participatively conceived projects also encourage citizens to become actively involved in and contribute to the shaping of our region. As a result, these measures will also foster social engagement.

Together with various cooperative partners, the Emschergenossenschaft is hosting projects and events at its farm-based centres in Holzwickede, Castrop-Rauxel/Dortmund, Bottrop and Dinslaken, where children and adults alike are invited to participate and contribute. The themes on offer range from supporting the protection of wild bees to wine-growing in the region. The Emschergenossenschaft already runs two vineyards in Dortmund which are maintained with the help of local residents. For instance, the historic Emscherquellhof farm in Holzwickede is a great place to visit for people interested in everything to do with wild bees and apiculture.

The Emscherquellhof farm in Holzwickede
2016 © EGLV / Rupert Oberhäuser

In Dinslaken, at Hof Emschermündung farm, the focus is primarily on sustainability, while at Hof Emscher-Auen in Castrop-Rauxel/Dortmund the rich flora and fauna around the flood retention basin can be experienced first-hand thanks to the hawk training and leisure association »Falken Bildungs- und Freizeitwerk« Dortmund, a cooperative partner of the Emschergenossenschaft.

View over the evasive overflow area at the farm Emscher-Auen in Dortmund-Mengede © EGLV / Rupert Oberhäuser

Meadow for Bees at Hof Emschermündung farm ins Dinslaken (2019) © EGLV / Klaus Baumers

And in the »blue classrooms«, small amphitheatres set up by the Emschergenossenschaft close to various waterways, school students can actively engage with the river as ecosystem and experience the waterway at close range. These various projects heighten the quality of life in our region. At the same time, they also sensitise children and adults to the need for a sustainable approach to nature’s given resources.

»blue classrooms« at Hahnenbach in Gladbeck © EGLV / Agnes Sawer

Through the renaturation of the Emscher river system and, in this context, numerous projects initiated by the Emschergenossenschaft the Ruhr region is being increasingly ameliorated and sustainably shaped. The cycle paths along the Emscher already provide opportunities for excursions, offering people in the area new forms of recreational activity and possibilities for adopting a healthy way of life. After all, the best place to relax and refuel energy is in the big outdoors. With the removal of wastewater and the ecological renewal of the Emscher such enjoyment of nature will be further enhanced – something to look forward to!